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2021 So many people I know feel very entitled. I am very guilty of that too….we feel like our systems have to work because the elected few have been elected to make it work. We forget that it’s a contract to serve us, not a sentence of servitude. That key element of responsibility has fallen through the cracks of social cynicism to the extent that when I see people lashing furiously at the alleged corruption, I experience a tickling deja vu. At least it’s not new under the  Ghanaian sun.

I shifted and lifted my body recently to create space in the back seat of a benz bus to allow Image result for streets of accrasome other three hefty women sit in the limited space that was meant to take only 2 average size humans. And just like that I had agreed to do much with little just because I felt our leaders are asleep. Now that’s the problem. I felt entitled not responsible. I should have told the driver it was wrong. But I didn’t because when you feel entitled you sit back and wait for your piece of cake.You whine if it never comes but you never ask or work to have it. You just expect.

That’s the issue now. We are expecting justice from the leaders but we have never asked for justice. Our leaders are a reflection of our society and they are no different from us.  We peddle complaints and propaganda but hardly examine any manifestos. The calf will always come from the cow. 2016 elctions will be no different if we feel entitled yet do nothing.


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