To Give Or Not To ……..

Dear mother Teresa,

I have spent the past three years of my life trying to understand your motivations for the path you choose during your life time because I felt the an urge to follow in your steps. I was only a year old when you passed on. But things are so different now, if you came back you would not be able to stand the pungent smell of hypocrisy, capitalism and pride mixed in the science of giving…….yes!, I want to call it a science because in order to give honorably it takes an instinctive push coupled with love and selflessness. I bet it was easier during your time. At least the Indian people accepted you, I have been informed you that you died a citizen of India although you were not a native.

Growing up, I saw beggars in my community and a usual pesewa or two in their bowls sent them off, but I never really understood the import of giving until one Sunday school memory verse educated me: God loves a cheerful Giver. It’s sad though, that today we have so many cheerless givers and unconcieving receivers as well as a merciful God.

Mother Teresa, I would like to know if your donor: yes mother we call the people who are charitable to help us give to others our donors and they on the other hand peddle that title with much pride. Yes, as I was saying, I would like to know if your donors sought something in return for their donations. Our country’s stake holders keep calling on the youth to be the difference yet they are comfortably hindering that difference. Mother, you would be surprised that some potential donors ask for sexual, and uncompromising favors in return!!! I don’t think the Indian government ever made any such atrocious demands during the time of your service there. Or did they?

You see, am barely 21 and I recently organized a debut mentorship event in my community to help develop the minds of senior high students in conflict prone areas such as mine to rise above their circumstances and be better contributors to development. I do not want them to be victims of wrong decisions made by leaders of today. As I tried to put things together there was massive opposition by some old folks who thought: this little girl has gone crazy. This was evidenced by the no support attitude they gave me. And it’s been tough, you know am not a nun like you, so I have to combine it with my academic, emotional and family pursuits.

In recent times there have been cases of a lot of nonprofit organizations using the label of a charitable organization to rob people who in reality need help. These fraudsters who call themselves NGOs has made it extremely hard for young people like us who passionately want to change things access funding. With all these developments I was still shocked when the 2nd Lady of my dear Country Ghana spoke harshly after a school she had donated to, decided to further inform her of their pertinent needs. Frankly speaking, it’s really difficult to be a beggar today, even if you are in the business of begging to feed others.

I remember you once said that if we judge people we will have no time to love them, so dear Mother Teresa, I am trying hard not to judge anyone, but I hope you will approve of me speaking out, because we need CHANGE!!!!

I know you will be turning in your grave as you read this letter. But the truth is, our schemes of leadership and social conscience is so bad these days that not too many people get shortlisted to win the Nobel Peace prize. I take consolation in your words that have been very helpful………………

Image result for mother teresa, at the end of our lives

As you again said, God does not require us to succeed, but rather to try. So the youth will keep trying, but something must be done to prevent all these people who do nothing yet hype their nothingness on social media till they get undeserved credit from destroying the purity of giving which is an act of love.

Deceit and giving has nothing in common. But the relentless prayer has always been that God will continue to press down, shake it together and cause our returns to overflow so we can continue to extend love to others in the form of giving.

Till we meet at a dinner party in heaven………

Your aching daughter dedicated to making others breathe easier in this wicked world,

Elizabeth Kanburi Bidzakin.


One thought on “To Give Or Not To ……..

  1. Am so much touched after reading this piece. My dear sister, keep on going for the sky is your starting point.


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