I rolled on my bed on saturday night struggling to catch some sleep. And in the unbearable heat of my room that left little space for windows, I begun to ponder over the distasteful statements made by some Ghanaians in the media. I do not agree with their defense one bit.

1.Patriotism means being vocal to ensure accountability as it means protecting your own. The comments passed were not just for national consumption and it will go a long way to mar the country’s image. No one is saying the truth should not be spoken, but let’s be real here, whether good or bad, Ghana is still our country.

2. It is ON and OFF not OFF and OFF. I don’t own a generator, and where I live in Dome,we have DUM in session for about 24 hours and then SOR for 12. This reality hasn’t tempted me to make a statement to the world that the situation might be hopeless. The metaphor of comparing our president to a student who is always last in class is appalling. This is not an NPP and NDC matter, neither am I a bootliker on any of the sides. The truth is simple, there are SOR times too, and during those times, our president could be marked average in class. Since it is not always DUM, I contest that he is not always last in class. PERIOD.

3. The argument that a person’s social orientation can contribute to what they say is sound to say the least but not very plausible. You don’t compare your president to a stupid little boy and then tell me it’s because you grew up in the USA or the UK. If you really grew up there , you probably know how much respect they accord their elected leaders. Secondly because of some small visa and experience, you cannot insult your father if he has been unable to provide something that you have always felt entitled to. If you are that angry,please use the anger and generate a solution.

4. Freedom of Speech …IS NOT FREEDOM TO BULLSH**T. Earlier this year I mentioned the case of the Kenyan Blogger who was jailed for insulting his president and the Bangladeshi Blogger who was murdered. Ghana is one of the few countries that has freedom of speech, a right that our fathers fought for and enshrined in our Constitution. Gone are the PDA days, yet we seem to discredit the importance of this right by misusing it. criticism can be devoid of insults and still effective. GBAM.

5. Ghanaian celebrities were once ordinary members of the masses. They are now in the lime light and without our patronage and support as a nation there would be no light to shine on them to make them stars. So my fellow members of the masses, they are not too different from us. We are all facing DUM SOR,let’s make our own independent analysis and not just side with what they say.Have you considered the fact that they are not energy experts?? If you decide to follow blindly, I will have reason to believe you just want a follow back on twitter.


One thought on “IT IS DUM-SOR NOT DUM DUM

  1. I certainly feel same here.
    It’s high time we realize some of the things we often say and do as a country goes a long way in to corrupting the country. .
    It is said ” as a man thinketh, so He is”
    This country needs people of Good hopes.
    How can all you think as a citizen be that it would get worse?
    Or perhaps you want to crave a certain perception of things not going to be better oneday so that …Hmmm. i reserve my words.
    -What do you wish for the country?
    -What is your dream for the country?
    #Wish it!
    #Dream it!

    It all starts with u!♡
    God Bless You All!
    Min. Justein☆♥


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