An Insult to Mandela’s legacy

“Xenophobia, racism and sexism must be fought with tenacity, wisdom and enlightenment.” Nelson Mandela Foundation.

I have been talking a lot about violencee these days, so am in no mood for this than you are. Lets get to the crux of this issue.

Shops looted and set ablaze. Terrified foreigners hiding in police stations and stadiums. Machete-wielding attackers hacking immigrants to death in major cities in South Africa.Not so good for one of the most beautiful African Countries. Xenophobia or in my own words angry genoforeignerscide is really alarming. I just couldn’t keep off that issue.

After all Mandela did in a bid to fight apartheid, it is ironic that an African dominated South Africa today will be harming other Africans in that way. I am shaking my head right now. Terrible. People subscribe to all sorts of reasons to try to justify this injustice. Amongst those arguments, the only one that makes sense to me is the argument that  African immigrants are taking their already scarce jobs, undermining businesses owned by locals and contributing to a high crime rate. The nation’s unemployment rate is about 25%, according to government figures.

But resentment over porous borders, growing crime rates, poverty and corruption are also a major concern and I would have hoped that these challenges will be a call to work harder,fight clean and deepen democracy. Their sense of nationality should have been security enough.

It is unforgivable that some people just get their high by killing others. I am beginning to search the scriptures for answers but its seems TB Joshua already interpreted it in spiritual terms…..

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