TEDXACCRA 2015…..Whats in it FOR You.

Image result for tedxaccraTEDxAccra is annual event, where thinkers and doers of our community are gathered to create and share ideas.
It seeks to develop and leverage the TED experience at a community level, bring together innovative thinkers to connect and discuss great ideas. At TEDxAccra, participants will take part in a TED-like experience that will ultimately equip and inspire them into boundless possibilities. Image result for the next chapter tedxaccra
The concept is to reflect ideas and inspire thinking of a new generation of African thinkers and leaders, presenting to an audience committed to engaging and reengaging in an active and meaningful manner with the continent. Last year the focus was to Inform.Empower.Educate, where speakers informed, empowered and educated our audience with their ideas and what they are passionate about. With TEDxAccra2015, the theme is simple,“ Next Chapter”. We are merely 5 years to the year 2020 and all our attentions are towards achieving what our President calls the “Vision 2020”. This blueprint plans for industrial and technological development that would propel Ghana into sub-Saharan Africa’s second most prosperous economy after South Africa . With community focus, we are also, looking at “what’s the future of Technology, Entertainment, Design, Arts, Science and Education that will aggregate to the development of Ghana. This year, we the speakers will share with you what they are passionate about but keeping in mind, the next chapter in those ideas.

To join Leslie Emmanuel Addae, the curator of TEDxAccra and his team at the National Theatre on the 11th of April to be a part of the TEDxAccra Experiance this April, GET your tickets online from TEDxAccra - The Next Chapter


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