These days’ people make a lot of flimsy excuses for problems they have caused themselves. It’s so serious that most people play the blame game even when its obvious that it was their fault. When someone has seen and read a caution that says “WET FLOOR” and they fall whilst rocking their high heel sandals or shoes they blame the slippery flour in a very humorous and oblivious manner. So when children drink caustic soda left in the open by parents, it won’t be the fault of the parents but the ignorance of the child. But the question is does the parent expect the child to possibly know everything?

Anyway enough of my discursiveness, let’s get to the main thrust of my blog today. Emm I met a man a week ago who said something quite interesting. It was a hot day, very sunny to say the least. We were all sweating and fanning ourselves with whatever we could grab that would come in handy. Then he turned glanced at me and smiled and asked me with the tone insinuating it was rhetoric-do you know why it’s so hot. I smiled and looked at him expecting him to blame it on Africa or the government or anything around but I did not expect him to boldly say 

“it’s because Judas is on duty”. He was referring to Judas Iscariot in the Bible, according to him whenever it was Judas’s turn to regulate the weather, he wanted to continue in his treacherous ways so he made it hot. 

I smiled and then laughed and then strayed in to deep thought about that remark. If he has some mental problems, I would understand. If it was a joke, then it wasn’t funny enough. If it was a lie, I think he will not do well in drama school. And if he was being serious then I think he MISPLAYED the blame game this time. First of all I wondered if Judas actually made it to heaven after he betrayed Jesus. Second, I would understand it better if Judas’s motive for making it hot was that he actually wanted to tempt people to join him in his treacherous ways. Because when it’s so hot and we get so tensed and restless our ugly sides are easily revealed. Enough of the analysis already.

 I have never liked Geography enough to pursue it after high school. Neither am I in any way obsessed with issues of climate change and global warming. But in the main issues that arise from these areas is the human factor in causation. The Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states: it is a greater than a 90 percent certainty that emissions of heat-trapping gases from human activities have caused “most of the observed increase in globally averaged temperatures since the mid-20th century.

So yes there has always been cooling and heating. In fact in Ghana we have a somewhat tropical climate and it gets hot, but global warming has been caused by the influx of cars through fossil fuels like petrol or diesel which burn off to give carbon dioxide – the main climate change gas. Come to think about it, if all humans breathe out carbon dioxide and our cars breathe it out too, we are producing more of the climate change gas. With all this in mind we still practice, defforestation-infact we have mostly always burnt the timber for charcoal. Instead of planting more trees because they give as more oxygen and also shade from sun rates and also absorb carbon dioxide. 

If it’s this simple to prevent the heat from being so terrible why was he blaming it on Judas (or was it ignorance);ignorance may not even qualify as an excuse, if you want to know, ask questions.

For the past few weeks things in the country has not really gotten much better and I meet incessant government blamers’ in tro-tros; as I commute each day. I am not defending the government in any way, I am only disapproving of the blame somebody game or sometimes blaming God. When a doctor defiles a 15-year-old boy..He says he was created that way; by God or who? I think the major reason why we should not be allowed to blame others is because we are intelligent beings endowed with the capacity to reason Aristotle.

So it has never been about vilifying the society for not taking responsibility for things they refuse to do rightly. How I so hate the excuse that change takes time, Oh, HATE is a strong word. But if you need to take time to do something then let me see step by step the changes that you are making. Failed governments are always in the process of change that hardly ever comes, except in some few cases where some leaders decide to be responsible and account.The kind of responsibility the Burkina people showcased recently is an example to be closely followed. Some other people would have sat down to allow the president another term and when he is acting up and the country is in a mess, they start to complain. 

I am not perfect, I vitiate my own sense of right and wrong almost every day. BUT to be able to hold my head up and say, I caused it, I will not cause it again and I want to learn and undo it if I can is to take responsiblity. Judas tried to undo his deed against Jesus, but guilt killed him. Don’t try to clean the mess up.Own up and be a man about it.


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