How much does it cover…..Your Footprints


 Last week as I walked on the banks of mrytle beach in S.C. I couldn’t help but try to do two things, shake of the sand off my feet,and ignore the footprints I was leaving behind me.The problem was the size of my footprint,it was so amazing how it matched my foot in its entirety and for a moment I started to recognize how it applies to life and death.Everyday we have life, we all have the opportunity to leave a mark,a footprint in all we do.It is a basic principle of existance.Once we move,we act,or even when we do nothing we are making a change;we are keeping change from occuring.In your workplace,family,relationships,what is often said about you after you have walked away.Are you an integral part of decision making,a passive character or a constant channel for complaints.We know God is the general auditor of our lives but its more fascinating when you consider the number of people you are arround on a daily basis and the silent auditing they do behind your back.That explains the biographies we read at funerals-the human picture of your footprint.The question now is,what kind of footprint do you want to leave,and how much area will it cover.
martin luther king jr day L xGOagM         It all begins with your purpose for life,what you want to accomplish as an individual.The fact is that you are going to leave a mark,so you might as well make it worthwhile.You don’t have to have it all together to make a difference.The last time I checked Mother Teresa was not a millionaire,yet she made an impact.Mostly the parts of our life that will live on after we are gone will be our simple deeds and not our succesfull carrers,possesions and accolades,because there is a 99.9% chance of someone breaking that set record.As you talk your talk of how better this world would be if others did this and that, try to walk the talk too.Attitude makes a magnitude,how you react to issues,how you listen to others,how you make compromises,all that counts.You do not have to be a certified philantrophist to make the senior citizen next door smile.Go out today and be the hands on the hands of others.You can decide to stay in your shell,that just limits the area your footprint will cover.You can decide to do other things rather than touch a heart,that just limits the depth of your footprint and it will eaisly be washed away with time.There has been no better time to take the words of Late Rev.Martin Luther King.What are you doing for others,what will be said after you are gone.

       How I wish the world would embrace Ralph Waldo’s definition of success.You can do it,you just have to become uncomfortable living life just for your self….change the game,you are not a tree if you don’t like your current address move.If you footprint is not large and deep enough,you can change that.Finally lets remind ourselves of the truth in the Cliché “be the change you want to see”.


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